Saturday, February 1, 2014

lots of sewing

 I have been doing lots of sewing since my last post. 

I made a very cute (if I do say so) baby quilt for a friends grandson. 

Of course there was Christmas sewing. I made a few mug rugs.

A sweet little owl that I am hoping to make for myself sometime soon!!!

A couple of big fabric buckets, one of which I did keep for myself!!!! 
There were some microwave hot pad bowls for a couple of newlyweds I know!  ; )

I also whipped up a small bag. But didn't take a picture of that.
Another thing I made and didn't get a picture of was a sewing machine cover/caddy. I think I need to make one of those for myself also. 
I think that was about it for Christmas sewing. It was so much fun making handmade gifts last year and plan on starting a little sooner this year. As a die hard procrastinator we'll see how that goes!! hehe

I have been enjoying my sewing time so much! There's something very satisfying about creating something with your hands and heart. I have more sewing projects to share but the time is late and bedtime is long overdue. 

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